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Love this dock so much I just order another for work, its really, really sturdy and you can really adjust you charging connector if you have a casing or not.


Just received The Lightning Dock. It is absolutely stunning and the workmanship is flawless. It looks as if it was part of my iMac setup, no marks, no logos, just pure and perfect! I will be ordering another one for my work desk, it will sure cause a lot of questions and I’ll be sure to tell the co-workers where to get it.


The best Dock i’ve ever had !!! RK !!! Best whishes from Bavaria 😉


I love using the dock!
my only request is that you make a duel lighting dock. I have and ipad mini and iphone 5s. I would love to be able to dock them both on the same dock!!


Apple missed the boat when they decided not to make a dock for the new 8 pin devices!!
I ordered my Lightening Dock when it first came out and it’s been absolutely wonderful! Even the new iPhone 5s & 5c dock won’t accommodate a bumper or a case but the Lightening Dock will !!!
I plan to buy another one and get a few as gifts too! I love that it’s adjustable and very stable for the iPhone and iPad.


Absolutely stunning aesthetics! Eagerly waiting to order the Red version. Thank you from Australia

Bengt Mj

Perfect quality. The best dock ever. I love it, just wish that also the red one will be back for sale. Thank you from Sweden.

C Byrne

Just ordered fourth and fifth dock. They are beautiful and practical (no need to remove iPhone case)! When will the red be back in stock? I’d like to make that number six.


my ipod 5th gen has a new home. this dock is stunning. it’s minamalistic approach is what drew me to it. it has a small footprint on your desk but creates a big style statement. simple…elegant…functional…a masterpiece!


I ordered two of these beauties to Switzerland. Delivery was quiet fast and the quality is simply amazing. Unchallenged.


Perfect quality, functional and very stylish (Anodized Brushed Finish). The best dock for iPhone 5.
Thank you from Austria. 🙂


Perfect quality. The best dock for iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Thank you from Germany. 🙂


Excellent dock. Read the reviews of all available iPhone 5 docks, and all others sound pretty shlocky, but this one is quite solid, works great and looks great.


A fantastic dock! I ordered it in black & it looks fantastic with my black iPhone 5 on my desk. I only wish I could find a black cable. The lightning dock is very well made.


This dock is incrediballs. Nicely weighted, solid and well designed. Better than any dock Apple ever made.


Great product! So stylish and so useful! Many thanks from Romania!

Derek Shane

I love it! Looks amazing next to my iMac! Totally recommending this to friends of mine who have iPhones.
Thanks for coming up with such a great product! Exceptional quality!

Seb H

Great Job, my dock is here. It looks great! Thank you.
Best regards from Germany.

Jonas Nielsen

I ordered the lightning dock on the 13th of December, and already got it the 18th of December! Keep in mind that i ordered from Denmark. It worked right out of the box. It is a great dock, that is designed in a beautiful way, with it´s all around aluminium. I can recommend this to everybody who uses dock´s.


Just received my dock. Setup was simple, and I like the flexibility of being able to adjust the height of the Lightning connector to accommodate the varying depths of iPhone cases.
Build quality is excellent; the dock looks sits nicely alongside my MacBook Pro and Cinema Display.